This site is about cycling in its many forms. I am a fan of cycling, plain and simple. I, with my wife Marilyn, am an avid cycle tourist. Meaning, we load everything we need onto our bikes, and set off somewhere down the road. We have been, over the last few years, cycling across this great and large country of ours. We unfortunately are not in a postion to take months off at one time, having jobs and a mortgage. So, we have been doing it our own way. We have taken our three weeks of vacation every year, and ridden a section of Canada. We started, of course, from the West Coast where we live, and took our own route across to the East Coast. We have spent 5 summers doing this trip, and still have not decided if this is the best or the worst way to do such a long journey. It has the advantage of allowing us to keep our jobs, which is, I guess, a good thing. It also means that for one third of your trip-one week each time out-you are still riding yourself into shape, and suffering a little. You only really get into the routine of the trip when it is time to get out of the routine, and back into the workweek grind again. You are never out for so long that you WISH you were back home and never had to ride a bike again.

All of our trips have been quite different, and I think the experiences we had, and the feelings they left us with are actually quite surprising. Some of the things we dreaded were the most wonderful, and some of the most anticipated things were the least exciting.

I do know that if you have never cycled over long stretches of Canada that you really don't know what you're missing.  Even the roads that are familiar in a car, are far different from the seat of a bike. I have to say it does make me feel like a bit of an explorer to be out there on my bike. I may not be seeing unknown lands, but I am seeing the lands and people in new ways.

I will definitely get some photos up here soon, as I'm sure that most people out there like browsing through  someone's photo album. I like photography, and generally just try to take a lot of photos. It's a good thing we have digital cameras, thats all I can say. Some of them turn out OK, a few are awesome, and a lot aren't.